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No life in so many ways...!!!

Anyway, I've been getting random LJ adds from users who doesn't speak or comment or introduce themselves. It's really creeping me out. I would visit their LJ and realize either it's empty or that they post in a different language that I don't understand...

I don't really update my LJ much and things I usually share in my master post are usually not there is really no need to add me unless you really want to be my friend.

Also its almost coming to the end of the 4th month since I started the job. So far so good but I'm still hopping soon at the end of the year.

No work no money got work got money but no life...nuuuu... Wait I still do have!

KAT-TUN's new single!
Fumetsu no Scrum!
I'm falling for all the songs one by one~~

Since FnS had PV so that is first of course.

2nd is "In the Dark". I love that song!!! I've been playing that on repeat!!!

Then I saw that Koki's "Black or White had caused a huge uproar with the netizens, so I went to check and I fell for the music subsequently... Though I don't really understand his Engrish. Lol.

And Finally, "Radio"!!! I'm slowly falling for the melody~~

I'm also watching their talk shows as I go along, still got a few more which I have not downloaded yet.

Also doing my best in completing my Japanese homework.

Got myself a new spectacles too! Expensive but I need it...Haiz.

Anyway, again on the train squeezing with a lot of people so I'll end here~

Jya ne~!
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