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Title : Heart Attack. [One Shot]
Author: [ profile] alsykt
Pairing : YutoYama
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Romance, Slight-angst
Summary : Yamada gets a heart attack.
Warning: Grammatical errors, lame plot.
Words: 5,749

Puttin’ my defenses up
‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack

It has been two years since Yamada Ryosuke graduated from his college and is currently 24, working at one of the top notch companies in Japan. He is what you call a fair looking handsome young man that many girls came flocking to, asking him out for lunch dates, dinner dates, or plain forcing him to attend the company’s events- which he is forever surrounded by not only his own department’s ladies, not just the entire company’s ladies, but also guest companies’ ladies that were invited for relations purposes…I wouldn’t say it’s just the ladies, but well he does attract same gender beings on a scale that is capable to make ladies- barely- not interested in him fume with madness.

Again, here he is attending another one the grand event his company is hosting, and being in the public relations department, he has a duty of not ignoring anyone that approaches him. In fact he is one of the members in the team that was organizing the night’s entire event. He is fairly approachable and always friendly to anyone that interacts with him-it is his job, but no one realizes the fact that he is actually a very good actor, masking his true emotions by building an invisible wall around him.

Why you ask?

The wall first appeared when he was in his sophomore year in high school, when he realizes the cruelty of hormonal rage in teenagers. No one was serious in relationships or commitments; all they wanted was a fling or a temporary so-called “Love”.  He too had a crush of his own, but he had never tried to confess or even the thought of doing it was none to zero.  He had seen many of his classmates who tried to do that, always left with either heartbreak- at least those that tried to commit- or losing the interest in someone else causing the other person to hurt themselves, but of course there were cases where both agreed that it was only temporary.

And seeing how his crush was the same- though he wasn’t initially when he first met him, he decided that it was best that he keeps it to himself, distanced himself as far as he could, avoid any contact at any cost possible so in due time he will forget all about it and move on -like it was never there- he was sure of it.

He didn’t want to fall in love, didn’t want to fall for anyone, and he was building up his wall so thick that he thinks will never get destroyed by anyone that comes approaching him -he was sure he would never take it if he did and was then left alone after once the other decides that it was enough. But mostly he was thankful that his crush was a senior graduating that year so any form of contact after was deem impossible.

Never put my love out on the line
Never said yes to the right guy
Never had trouble getting what I want
But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough

He doesn’t show any interest in anyone anymore, but he is kind to all thus seeking help has never been a problem, finishing his task effortlessly and still being able to smile and advice even when the situation seems dire.

Finally, the main event of the night is about to commerce. After a whole evening of entertaining and social interactions, Ryosuke was really getting bored and restless -though he doesn’t show-, wishing that time could pass faster; he would really love a dip in the bath now.

And that is when he saw him.

Appearing out of nowhere, walking down the red carpet, heading towards the stage, making his way to the podium.

‘What the hell?’ Ryosuke thought to himself. He was colored by surprise to realize that the crush he had kept hidden for many years is someone of status in the current company he is working. What was worse was he never knew. Never found out. Or most likely, he didn’t care.

Now thinking back, he realizes why he was able to make such a drastic change when he first saw him in his first year- then crush second year.

Currently he was just in plain shocked. Eyes widen and face paled. He had thought the crush he had had died a few years back when he started working and couldn’t care less. Now it all came rushing back to him.

The worse was when he brisk passed him, Ryosuke who was sitting at the row of seats placed for organizers right next to the stage –the steps side, his nose caught his cologne –masculine one too. Through the speech presentation, he felt himself getting suffocated and heart pulsing increasingly at an alarming rate.

After which he couldn’t remember a thing.


Signing papers have never been such a boring chore, but as the acting president due to his father being bedridden from some illness, the Nakajima heir had no choice but to take over temporary.

It was already late in the evening when he finally stopped reading through documents and signing agreements that he remembers that he still have to attend some big ass event his company’s organizers is holding. He presses his temples giving them a slight massage, rubbing off the sleepiness on his face and drinking the once hot now cold coffee. But a sip and he felt disgusted so he just left it aside for the cleaning lady the next morning.

“Yuto, its time.” Okamoto Keito, his childhood buddy knocked on the door of the open office just in time to see the scrunched up looked on Yuto’s face as he set his mug aside. Yuto sighed.

“Must I go?” Yuto complained.

“Ya think?” Keito raised an eyebrow as he slightly tilted his head in a mocking manner. “The speech doesn’t speaks for itself you know.”

“Stupid dad. Why must he fall sick.” He wasn’t really blaming his father but he just felt like bratting to the only person that knows he is like that.

“Hmm.” Keito responded as he dragged Yuto out of the chair that seemed uncomfortable even if the purpose of it was the opposite. After all Yuto had been sitting there since morning for months, he isn’t surprise if he comes whining to him one day that his back is crooked.

Yuto then gave himself a stretch to loosen the tense muscles around him when his buddy spoke.

“Able to last this time?”  Keito ask as he looked amusedly at him.

“Who knows?” he shrugged back.

“Sheesh, still not settling down aren’t you? I’m surprised that you’re not always on some scandal news being the hotshot heir and all.” Keito commented as they both started to make their way out of the office finally.

“Hey, I’m still young alright, I wanna enjoy while I still can and not let some girl boss me around.” The 25 year old bratty heir retorted as he jiggled his keys on their way down to the carpark which he then tossed it to his buddy as they approached his car. “You’re driving.”

“What about mine?” Yuto does this often so Keito wasn’t really asking but he just felt like it seeing how his brat of the best friend always makes use of him not that he minded actually.

“You know the answer to that.” Yuto simply said being sort of tired since he has been working the whole day and not being able to go home to relax is annoying him.

Keito didn’t say anything anymore seeing there really wasn’t a need to when he knows the answer like it’s a quote in their everyday interactions.

The two tall handsome young men had been friends since the day they were born, each being of the same age (Yuto being the younger) and the current heirs to their own corporation built by their grandparents. In fact when one talks about Nakajima, they will often mentioned about Okamoto as well so you can imagine the history between this two families goes a long way back. Their friendship can’t even be compared to the distance between the surface of the Earth and its core.

For Keito, his father is still well and kicking hence he usually just needs to assist him in the daily operations while learning the ropes so he will often come over to Yuto’s side to accompany him when he is done. Such sweet friends aren’t they?

On the way to the event venue – that isn’t really that far to be exact- Yuto lazed back on the front passenger seat while Keito did the chauffeuring.

“Besides aren’t you the same?” Yuto suddenly voiced out while keeping his eyes shut in hope to get some rest while on their short journey there.

“What?” the driver knew very well what he was implying to. “Well same reasons as you. Dummy.”

These two not only are they best friends, but they each hide a secret that only both of them knew; they both each has a crush on their own. The only difference is that Keito knew who Yuto’s crush was but refuses to let Yuto knows his- though he always openly joked that he had a crush on Yuto which the younger usually just laughed it off. If Keito doesn’t want to mention, he must have his reasons, though Yuto’s deepest secret was that he thought he actually knew about Keito’s crush.

When I don’t care
I can play ‘em like a Ken doll
Won’t wash my hair
Then make 'em bounce like a basketball

When they reach the venue, Yuto gave himself a perk as the both of them strolled into the waiting room just next to the hotel’s ballroom. Yuto had called his secretary who is already waiting for him informing her that he was on his way, as soon as Yuto’s reaches the waiting room, he was immediately brought to the dressing for some touch up and to prepare with what he was going to say later on.

Once it was time, Yuto made his entrance, walking down the red carpet that stretches from the main door down to the stage- Keito left the room slightly earlier to head over to his seat- from the corner of his eye, Yuto notices something- someone in fact that he hasn’t seen for years since he graduated from high school sitting at the row of chairs meant for the organizers. He widen his eyes but very subtle so no one could tell as he brisk passed him and onto the stage towards the podium.

Keito actually noticed the fact that Yuto suddenly stiffened as he hurriedly went to the stage, his eyes then traveled to the line of sight that was Yuto’s and saw the same as him. He too felt his heart thumped harder, a feeling of nostalgia but also an ache in the heart. How long has it been since they last saw each other?

Through the speech, while Yuto was trying to keep his composure, Keito often shifted his eyes from the stage to the row of chairs and back again. He frowned when his eyes landed on the figure noticing that something was wrong. And being the observant type, true enough to his instincts, the figure suddenly fell forward from his chair with a loud thud. He stood up immediately- Yuto stopped his speech abruptly, all eyes in the ballroom were looking at the direction of the floor where some were already gathering around, carrying the figure out from the ballroom.

Yuto wanted to rush forward, to the fainted figure but when his eyes caught Keito’s, they were signaling for him to go on with the speech but he will go and have a look and informed him about the situation later. It was a little awkward to continue after someone fainted but he managed to pull through with the help of the host and one of the organizers.


After the speech, Yuto called Keito to ask him where to look for him and once gotten the venue he informed his secretary about him leaving and hailed a cab to the designated hospital- since Keito wasn’t a family member or a colleague, he could only use Yuto’s car to follow the ambulance. He then called Keito again to direct him to the hospital ward.

When he reached he saw Keito outside the ward, Keito told him it was nothing much but it could be due to fatigue or stress since the doctor could find nothing wrong with the patient and that he could be discharged once he awakens.

All the rest that were here had gone back to the event leaving Keito to take care of him since Keito gave the reason that he was his friend-no one suspected anything or why was a friend even there when no one contacted anyone.

Yuto went into the ward –Keito waiting outside, and seeing the face that he longed to see for years but couldn’t, it led to a rush of emotions and memories as he stared longingly.

“Ryosuke…” he whispered as he reached out to touch those still chubby cheeks even at this age. Unknown to both, Keito stood outside looking at the both of them through the glass window pane, and sighing as he recalled back the days during high school.


They met when they were still in high school, Ryosuke, a freshmen and Yuto a sophomore.  Ryosuke joined the drama club while Yuto was in the photography club. During that year, there was an event that required the photography club to be in-charge of the photo-taking and related ad hoc duties while the drama club has their own activities. Maybe it was fate of some sort, A few days before the event; Ryosuke was chosen to be the poster guy for advert purposes while Yuto was to be in charge of taking shoots of him. When Yuto first saw Ryosuke, his breath was taken away. At that point in time, to hide the fact that he was the heir to some top-notch corporation, Yuto has been disguising himself as some photography nerd hoping to protect himself throughout the years in high school. I suppose you can say that it was love at first sight for Yuto. In fact, Yuto was confused as to why they sent such a stunning girl when they needed a guy, only to catch up a little while later, realizing that Ryosuke is a guy.

They manage to click quite well for the first time they met and after which they became friends, despite having differences they were able to help and encourage each other on the aspects they are strong and weak in. Ryosuke didn’t cared how he looked, he just like talking to him. Keito joined in the group along with Ryosuke’s own buddy as well. However the fact that two of the guys had secret identities was hidden even from the group.

Sometime just before the winter break, Yuto decided to change. He even told Keito the reason why. Keito of course being the best friend he was supported him and even help him to change- though not much was needed since Yuto was gorgeous enough to be shown to the world and girls would line up long enough to wrap around the globe. And of course, all the girls (and guys) were beyond shocked when they realize underneath that nerd disguise was a handsome young prince- but of course the fact that they are someone big is still kept from everyone else and even the group.

When the group met up after school, Yuto was nervous as hell wondering what would be Ryosuke’s reaction. But the latter didn’t say anything and act like nothing has changed, Yuto was glad that nothing’s changed but also disappointed as Ryosuke showed no interest. However, he had no idea that under the façade, Ryosuke’s heart was beating rapidly and again he felt himself unable to breathe. So as not to let anyone find out, he excused himself saying he was unwell after a while. Yuto wanted to grab his hand and ask if he was alright, but stopped mid-way when the said guy left in a hurry.

“Hey, sorry, gotta go look up on him.” Chinen Yuri, Ryosuke’s best friend nodded his head towards the direction that Ryosuke went and hurriedly took his stuff and went to catch up with the guy.

But you make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear high heels
Yea you, make me so nervous
That I just can’t hold your hand

Then soon it was winter break. Ryosuke seemed like he was one with the snow, skin as fair like porcelain that Yuto couldn’t tear his eyes off him. As Ryosuke has a part-time job to go to, the group can only meet up when it’s suitable for him. Secretly, Yuto wants to see Ryosuke every day, every minute, every second if possible, feeling that gentle aura, admiring that charming smile and last but not least, those cute pouty lips. But despite all that, they still enjoyed their time together even as a group as you can see the bright smiles on their faces as they immersed in their conversation. Keito sigh, Yuri caught him and gave him a nudge.

Keito turned to Yuri and gave him a ‘what’ face but Yuri ignored it and was giving back the ‘what (are you sighing for)’ look. Keito just shrugged it off that it was nothing but Yuri was thinking otherwise and the two of them from a quiet nudge ended up to being a noisy pair till it actually caught the looks of both our two protagonists here resulting in both Keito and Yuri giving them their most awkward smiles.

“What is wrong with you two?” Yuto asked abit annoyed that he had to stop the conversation he was having with Ryosuke because the other were getting a little too loud with what Yuto thought was probably a debate or something. Ryouske was just smiling at them seeing how they were grinning shipishly.

“Um, nothing!” Keito hurried to reply while Yuri just rolled his eyes. Apparently, it was obvious to Yuri that Keito was in love with one of them, the only problem was Yuri couldn’t tell which and was trying to get it out from Keito himself.

After the winter break, it was the graduating year for Yuto and Keito while it was the 2nd year for the other two. One day during mid-summer break, Yuto overheard about Keito liking Ryosuke and his heart sank, he would have confronted Keito if not for the fact that he did owe Keito a favor for saving him from an accident when they were still in elementary school. Keito nearly lost his life but was fortunate to have been saved due to being sent to the hospital in the nick of time. However it left a scar due to the operation while Yuto on the other hand had gotten a cut lip at most.

So to avoid his feelings, he started going out with girls that came to him although he wasn’t really interested. Also he tried busying himself by studying since it was their graduating year, it was normal for all 3rd year seniors to be busy getting recommendation and deciding what they want to pursue after graduation. He was relief in a way that studying keeps him busy, and he will only try to accept girls’ invitation in front when Ryosuke is around otherwise he will politely reject them, after all it was only an act for Ryosuke.

Gradually, he noticed that Ryosuke started avoiding and distancing himself from him. It was good for Yuto as he could hide his feelings deep within and cover up what was once a glowing warmth, hence he didn’t bother chasing after him. As both Yuto and Keito were busy, group meet ups were quite impossible and coincidentally, both Yuto and Ryosuke always have the excuse that they were not available. This baffles Chinen and Keito much but decides to just let it be. Before they know it, it was graduation, both Yuto and Ryosuke’s friendship ended without a proper goodbye.

You make me glow, but I cover up
Won’t let it show, so I’m
Puttin’ my defences up
Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack

For Yamada Ryosuke, he is not easily swayed by emotions or so he thought before he met Nakajima Yuto. He had countless confessions and numerous pursuers head over hills for him before but none had actually succeeded in claiming his heart. It was probably fate for him but he wouldn’t know then at that point when he just met the tall photographer. In fact, he was constantly giving reasons to avoid being chosen but when that failed, he then purposefully tried ways to reject being the poster guy.

They clicked as soon as they started speaking to each other, and Ryosuke was awed with Yuto’s amazing photography skills. It is no wonder he was always put in charge for taking memories of events like these. He didn’t care how the other guy looked on the surface, he was just glad he was able to find someone he was able to click so well in just minutes. Well he had his own best friend, but that was it. Yuto was the second person ever to be able to connect with him so well that he was so glad and relief he went through (though forcefully by his club mates) being the poster guy for one of the school’s major events.

As time goes, he realizes each time when he spends his time close to the taller; he became stiffed and nervous that sometimes it was hard to talk properly to him. He tried calming himself down every time and making sure that whatever he was feeling was kept well and hidden, but it becomes so suffocated at times that he felt like he was having an attack and needed help to the infirmary. He inwardly curses his own weakness and felt it isn’t fair. Why couldn’t he just fall in love normally instead of someone of the same gender that might cause a huge uproar? He likes to be next to the taller, he wants to stay by his side, but is it possible if it hurts?

Never break a sweat for the other guys
When you come around, I get paralyzed
And everytime I try to be myself
It comes out wrong like a cry for help
It’s just not fair
Pain’s more trouble than love is worth
I gasp for air
It feels so good, but you know it hurts

Seeing the change in Yuto’s appearance made Ryosuke more nervous than ever before. He tried to keep calm, showing his indifference on the surface but felt it impossible as his heart was beating really strongly as time passes. Hence, to escape from the suffocation, he excused himself. He could hear Yuri running after him awhile later.

As winter break makes its way in, Ryosuke could be seen meeker and really beautiful what with his skin all fair and porcelain like. He has his part time job to go to so the group can only meet up when possible. He was really grateful that they understood enough to suit his schedule when planning for group meet ups. He enjoyed all his time spent with Yuto, and of course with the group but when break’s out, and school’s in, everything changed.

But you make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear perfume
For you, make me so nervous
That I just can’t hold your hand

Ryosuke started seeing Yuto going out with girls. Even though when he sees Yuto and Keito studying, there is always a girl with them. Because of that, he daren’t to approach and when group meet ups seemed impossible when hearing Yuto giving excuses that he couldn’t make it, Ryosuke will do the same, although he wants to see Yuto as much as his hearts tells him to.

Without Ryosuke himself realizing, he was drifting away from Yuto and by the time he notices what he was doing it was already too late. They hadn’t spoken and when graduation ended, their friendship ended along with it. They were like strangers never crossing paths again.

Ryosuke never once could he tried to hold onto Yuto, never once was he able to hold his hand. He didn’t know why, he still had a year left and Yuto could have still see him after, but once it ended, he never came back. Thinking it all ended and there was no hope, he probably thought Yuto didn’t want to be his friend after all but he couldn’t blame him, Yuto didn’t know his feelings and wouldn’t have known either. So he went through the rest of the year forgetting whatever he could.

He closed his heart, never to open for anyone anymore (except Chinen of course).

The feelings got lost in my lungs
They’re burning, I’d rather be numb
And there’s no one else to blame
So scared I take off and I run
I’m flying too close to the sun
And I burst into flames

- End of Flashback -

Keito watch over them. He knew their feelings for each other but being a selfish person, loving one of them, he didn’t try to get them together hoping that if the person he loves didn’t love him back, at least he could just stay by his side and watch over him.

He could have contacted Ryosuke telling him about Yuto rushing for a flight after the graduation ceremony. Yuto had wanted to tell him but it so happened that he left his phone back at home and actually had Keito to inform Ryosuke, but Keito didn’t. In fact, Keito didn’t try to contact Ryosuke after Yuto left to study abroad.

Even after, when Yuto manage to get a new phone overseas, he couldn’t remember Ryosuke’s number. He was thinking maybe Keito would express his feelings to Ryosuke after his departure so he decided not to try contacting the older either. During that period overseas, Yuto and Keito would find time to chat online and Keito would head over to where Yuto is when he is on his vacation. But never once, did they touch on the topic of Ryosuke.

Keito sighed again.


Yuto has been by Ryosuke all this while so the first thing when he opened his eyes, he would see Yuto, but instead the person next to him was Yuri.

“Ryosuke!” Yuri exclaimed when he saw his best friend awake as he helped him to sit up.

“How long was I out?” Ryosuke asked feeling quite refreshed though maybe a little sore.

“For a few hours.” Yuri replied while pouring a glass of water and handed it over.

Ryosuke thanked him and took a sip while he hesitated for awhile before asking,

“Was anyone else here?”

“…” Yuri hesitated. “No.” he lied.

“You sure?” Ryosuke confirmed again, disappointment shown on his face. He was sure he could faintly hear a voice he had longed to hear even though he was unconscious.

“No.” he said this time.

“What..?” Ryosuke was confused.

“Alright, Nakajima was here.” Yuri thought for a while before continuing, “with Okamoto apparently.”

Ryosuke was confused. What was that supposed to mean? Yuri understood his friend so he continued, “basically I chased them out.”

“Why?” Ryosuke was even more confused now.

“I got angry.” Yuri puffed out, “That they left without a word before.”


“Well it is true.” Yuri retorted, “They left without saying anything and when I found out the reason why you changed the way you had before graduation, I fumed more than ever.”


“Okamoto tried to explain, and the reason just got stupider when I heard it. Nakajima was even surprised when he heard it,” Chinen then rolled his eyes with a snort. “And to think they were the closest of buddies.”

“What do you mean?” Ryosuke got curious as with the way his best friend was speaking and then Yuri explained whatever Okamoto had told him.


In the car lies an awkward silence between the two men. Yuto kept looking out the window pretending to be fascinated by the road side while Keito was doing the driving.

“Yuto…” Keito tried to break the silence.

No response.

“Yuto, I’m sorry.”
There was a short silence before Yuto decides to respond.

“Why are you apologizing?” he said staring straight at the driver though Keito is unable to really look at him since he needed his eyes to be on the road.

“I…” a paused “I don’t know what else I can say.” Keito replied honestly.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Apparently during the silence, Yuto had been contemplating whether to confront his best friend regarding what he had heard at the hospital until he was apologized to.

“I was afraid.” Again Keito didn’t try to hide. Since the beans had been spilled, he might as well just answer truthfully to whatever questions Yuto would throw at him.


“Losing you.” Yuto was silent again. He didn’t know how to respond to that. All this while he had thought he knew who his best friend had been loving only to find out that he was wrong all along and had been lied to…technically it can’t be considered as a lie but…still it was a surprise to Yuto so he could only ask the next thing that came up.

“For how long?”

“Since…elementary I guess…?” Truth to be told, Keito hadn’t known when it started. “But I only confirmed it with myself at that point when you told me who your crushed was.” Keito explained while keeping his eyes on the road. He was glad to be the one driving to avoid looking Yuto straightly after the truth was revealed. “Are you mad at me…? I’m really sorry Yuto, I didn’t mean to…”

Yuto shook his head indicating that he wasn’t mad as he placed a hand on Keito’s left shoulder, noticing that Keito stiffened with that action of his. Yuto couldn’t really get mad at his friend for keeping the truth, in fact Keito hadn’t really kept it from him if he were to think back. He often heard it as joke from the man himself that it didn’t occur to him that it wasn’t actually the case. He felt guilty for not noticing it all this while when he should have and that he must have unknowingly hurt him during those times in school back then. What made him felt worse is that he is unable to reciprocate those feelings.

Although feeling conscious of the hand on his shoulder, Keito could still notice the frown on his best friend’s face.

“Yuto…You don’t have to, really. Just to have you as my best friend and to be able to protect you is enough for me. Knowing that you don’t hate me for having those feelings and to keep it from you, I’m already satisfied the way it is.” Keito tried to reassure him. “I want to apologize for keeping it from you and also caused you to actually have to bury your feelings for me although in truth it wasn’t Yamada that I actually loved.”


Keito found a spot by the road side and parked the car there. He got out and head towards the grass slope that runs down to the level of a small river. He then finds a patch to sit on with Yuto taking the spot next to his.

Both of them looked forward as they enjoyed the cool breeze the night air was providing, the street lamps being the only illumination in the area. They sat there in silence before Keito spoke again still staring ahead.
“I was really happy that I could make memories with you, just you alone during your university days but I guess now that it has come down to this, it’s time that I let you go…” Keito felt his eyes a little watery as his vision blurred with his tears. He willed them not to fall, at least not in front of the person that he holds dear.

Yuto felt the need to comfort his friend hence he turned sideways to give Keito a hug, apologizing for not being able to realize and even love him back and thanking him for all those wonderful times they shared as best friends.

Keito clutched onto Yuto’s arm tightly, finally letting his tears fall, pouring all his feelings out, clearing whatever was kept in his heart for so long, so that they both could move on. After tonight, they will remain as best friends and forever but for Keito, it is also a fresh start for him to find love again in the future.


-Two days later-

Under the cherry blossom trees, stood a boy waiting nervously and when he saw who arrived, he couldn’t stop staring as the other came closer.

“It has been so long.” He smiled towards the shorter whom could be seen cheeks obviously reddening.

“Y-yeah…” the shorter answered while fidgeting under the gaze of the man whom had long taken his heart away from him.

“Ryosuke…” Yuto lifted a hand up to caress Ryosuke’s chubby cheeks that never goes away and he love it so much. “I-“he felt his eyes and nose and his thumb landed on his lips parting it slightly.

Yuto started moving closer, angling his head and just an inch before touching those cute pouty lips,

“I love you.” Yuto whispered then finally the lips touched as Ryosuke eye flittingly close, giving in to Yuto’s dominant tongue and savoring his lips.

As our view move further away from the two love birds, letting them kiss as much as they want, catching back all those lost time under those beautiful sakura trees. We could also hear Ryosuke’s thoughts in the background saying,

‘I love you too.’

And so we end here leaving our two love birds to themselves…


A/N: This was supposedly a song fic and I think most would be able to tell which song it was. But half way it sort of went off course so I have no idea anymore what I was writing. Since this was sitting for in my pc for awhile and with the lack of my fave OTP fics lately, (probably everyone is still high on the recent interactions between the two cutie pies to post anything XD), hence I posted it. Well, I don't really write much so bear with me ne. ^_^
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