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~*~ Random X ~*~~*~ X Fandom~*~
 My screen nick is Alsy though I wouldn't mind if people would call me Kazu. I love this alias alot. My main idol base is the ever popular Johnny's Entertainment; KAT-TUN & HeySayJump, but I still do look and listen to other JE boys too.

I am also a random J-pop fangirl just like anyone else out in the world following my favorite idol bands, reading good fanfics about fave OTPs, and always roaming around communities to stalk and take & finally looking for nice and catchy Jpop/Anime Music. I would love to get to know friends from around the globe, be it a boy or a girl as long as they share the same interests.

I do follow K-pop once in while if a song catches my attention.
Also, I am a BIG fan of RUNNING MAN's Monday Couple; & Kang Gary.

I am also aim to be in the Graphics/Media/Video side. If anyone has tips for me, please do, I will be very grateful.

 KAT-TUN is my main idol band. It's my 9th year (2015) fangirling the group. I used to be Kamenashi Kazuya bias although somehow I still am now but not like the past, I just love the group as a whole. Many things have happened to the group recently but I'm still gonna support them no matter.

OTP: AKame (AKamePi) ♥ <--sort of dies of...?
 HeySayJump is another of my fave. It's my 8th year (2015) fangirling the group. My bias/ichiban/prince here is Nakajima Yuto. Niiban:Hikaru Yaotome& Sanban:Okamoto Keito. It's a complex love for the group as each member sometimes do things that makes it really hard for me to be bias sometimes especially when its Yuto-centric.

OTP: (Oka)YamaJima / YutoYama / HikaruYuto & KameYuto (kyoudai)


Outside of JE: Mostly KR actors.
I also follow Animes and Mangas.
I am also playing Monster Hunter 4U on my 3DS
&- on PSVita.
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