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Samsung Galaxy S4 customized covers.

I just really wanted to post this as an update. I'm just so happy with my covers! hehe. I still need to find a nice photo to print for heysayjump though. hmm...

I have been using the kt&hsj's for quite awhile, I've just had it change today to KT's recent magazine shoot cuz I like the way the photo was taken.

Also I have a lot of plot bunnies, but penning it down is just so hard for me. oh well.

Off to hunt alatreon. damn I need to upgrade the freaking weapon. lols.

Jya ne.

signing off

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Happy 23rd Birthday


Hikaru Yaotome!!

I can't do much like most fangirls do...but I could still wish him. ^_^ Stay healthy and be the ever cheerful and fun you Hika-kun!


Oct. 18th, 2013 11:09 am
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Uh...where do I even begin?

OK so now my bosses are out of town to some business trip for 2 weeks and I'm all alone in the office.
I can do lots of things but of course I have to be careful in case there will be other clients that might pop in all of a sudden.

But then, because of the recent announcement KAT-TUN, it happened last week actually and I've sort of cool off but still the motivation is just not there anymore...currently.

I've posted my thoughts in tumblr but since I have the time now, I might as well just update my blog with it as well.

This was just after the announcement:

Can I cry - 10 / 10 / 2013 )

And this was after watching so many news regarding everyone's thoughts on this incident.

I haven't and I shouldn't - 17 / 10 / 2013 )

As you can see, no matter what happens, as long as the boys have their fans at heart genuinely, I will always support them as long as KAT-TUN exist.

I don't really care if anybody reads it or not, that's why there is the lj-cut (to spare the friend page), but if anyone(hyphens) who is interested and have read it plus you felt the same way or similar, then I sincerely thanked you.

Also FRIDAY Magazine had caught Koki on the streets and had a interview with him. Anyone interested can head over here to read it.
I sincerely hope Koki will stay in contact with KAT-TUN in the future when possible, I can’t bear to see the bond crumble just because he acted like a spoiled brat.

Signing off.
- kazuyalsy
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I'm always late when it comes to things like this...(and my app keeps crashing when I'm trying to add an emoticon...zzz)



My app can't do much so I'm gonna leave it as it is~~

Jya. Time to start work.
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 [Unofficial] Aotsuki - Junjou Lyrics
Junjou Live Action movie OST adapted from Hyouta Fujiyama's boys love manga






もう少し あと少し

Boku wa sagasuyo
Chikyuu no hate ni
Towa ni tsuzuku ai no ute
Kimi ni okuru
Boku no kakenanii
Tsukaya dore ao no junjou

Nani kao oikakeru senaka
Boku o tsutae takute
Kimi wa tada hohoemi no seki ni nani kao

Tadori tsuke Sorry nari kedo
Fuan toshi koroshite

Noikonna ai no kotobari
Inochi suwa kaketeita

Tokimeki o sare na iyouni
Yozore ni kometa negai

Mou sukoshi Ato sukoshi
Kimi ni todokanai kara

Boku wa sagasuyo
Chikyuu no hate ni
Towa ni tsuzuku ai no ute
Kimi ni okuru
Boku no kakenanii
Tsukaya dore ao no junjou

A/N: I love this song but too bad the full song is only about 2minutes+ XD I couldn't find the lyrics on the internet no matter how much I try to search, so I've decided to listen by ear to try and get the lyrics. My Japanese is still not very good hence I'm not sure if the lyrics are correct or not.
From what I have try to make out from the song, there will be some mistakes as some part of the lyrics doesn't make sense for me. The ROMAJI portion may seem no problem, as for the KANJI, I'm sure there will be mistakes, its only my rough guess for it.
Anyway hope it will still be useful and feel free to correct me in anyway if you spot mistakes. =)
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♥♥♥ KAT-TUN ♥♥♥



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♥ ♥ ♥
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Been to kattunlove and seen the sales of UW. 
One Hyphen made a comment that I couldn't not agree. XD

But ohwell, I know I'm a KAT-TUN fan, a Hyphen and that is all that matters.

I do listen to Arashi's songs sometimes, and I dont deny that the guys are good looking, Aiba Masaki is my fave if I were to choose, but again, this is just like a "love at first sight thing". I don't deny some of their songs are nice, like Truth and Monster, well to me its cuz of their type of music I suppose. XD 

Like a alot of hyphens mention, KT has hardcore songs that usually the older generation doesn't listen, and these are people who usually earns an income. KT fans are more the younger counter parts and most of our money comes from our parents so there are some restrictions to what we can buy and what we can't.

Even NEWS have songs that I listen too. Usually I look out for the music, some of my friends mentioned that I prefer upbeat type music that's why. And most of KT songs are exactly just my style and my type. Even the guys are my type. XP

My 2nd fave group is HeySayJUMP, but even I don't put 100% attention to them, most of my attention are always at KAT-TUN. Most of the merchandises I have are usually KT's, but there are also HSJ's, just not at much.  

Anyway, the bottomline is, 「ー」is my part and KAT-TUN is my fandom. I'll support them no matter what happens. ^_^

jya ne~ got to go visiting! =)
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Belated 25th 
田中 聖

EARLY 20th
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お誕生日おめでとう!! 

Posted via


Dec. 8th, 2009 10:44 pm
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jya ne~ XP

Quick post.

Jul. 5th, 2009 12:14 pm
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hApPy BeLated


AKANISHI JIN a.k.a kAzU's JINJIN for turning 25 !!!


DA TAKAHISA a.k.a MASU for turning 23 !!


4th July 2009!!!

PS: I'm soooooo sorry that I was suppose to have updated last week! but cuz I didn't realise that I have not beta-ed chapter 23, which I actually have done it for the other chapters... -_-
I'll really TRY to post it up by tonight!!! If I don't, then you all can just go ahead and ignore me so I can go emo-ing one corner. XP

got to run~

5th July 2009,
12:34 p.m.
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Hah, today might be the last for when I start my work at a later time, so I had better post while I can.

I've registered at Ikoma Language to take up Japanese lessons in January 2009!!! So happy!!! If anyone is also taking and will be around the same time as me, omg, I'll be so glad to make friends with you!! XDDD

Ok, I've changed my avatar seeing as there were quite a few fangirls using the "all I want for X'mas is YUTO" and the one for HIKA is also taken, I'm so using KEI's since I don't see anyone using it as yet, but even so, I'm not gonna change it either.

Speaking of those three, I knew I didn't have any reason when I started fangirling over them, but now, I found a common thing among them from their recent concert Hey!Say!Jump-ing Tour ‘08-’09. The three of them play an instrument!!! Yuto on the drums, Hika on the Bass and Kei on the Keyboard!!!
Not only that, the other two members which I'm starting to have a liking for them for quite a while now also plays an instrument!!!
Keito and Yabu both play the Guitars!!! Banzai!! LOL,
I didn't think I have a fetish for guys who can play any instruments. Well, maybe except for Kame. XD There is totally no reason as to why I like him, cuz I just do. Of course I'm not saying I like the few HSJ members are because they play instruments, I didn't even know they could and would in the first place when I first got to know them!!! (as in fandom world).
Ohya!!! I did mention I like Maru too right? Haha he has his own human instrument! the Human BEAT BOX! X3

I wonder now...hmm....if my ever future partner would be someone who can plays an instrument too? XDD
Nah~ I don't think I'll even have one. X3

And just recently when I had my White X'mas single in my hands only, another time bomb got landed in my hands. KAT-TUN is coming out a new single in February 2009!!! Their 9th single is called "ONE DROP". It is for Kame's new drama "Kami no Shizuku" and there will also be an insert song too. Finally its not only a one song single. XD
Weird thing is, for Maru's drama, who is going to sing the drama theme? NewS? Or some other group singers?
I've already placed my order in CDJapan just in case the 'pre-order' button disappear but I've yet to make payment yet. I'm still waiting for two of my friends to consider if they are getting it. Tiffany is still in Korea so I'll have to wait till she gets back.

Anyway, about my friend's fic, since [community profile] hey_say  has a new fanfiction masterpost rule, i guess you'll all have to check for comments there to see if I've updated ne. ^^

Guess I'll end here~ 
Jya matta ne~ ^^

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Oh yeah~ I've been whining about how this month does not seem to be going smoothly for me.
But somehow it got better. *_*

Was watching WGM ep37 this afternoon and god, can any couple get any prettier?! Don't get me wrong, my fave is still the Lettuce couple but its so sad to see them leaving and ep38 will be their last ever to be on the show. T^T Can't blame them seeing HJ is all busy with his drama preparation and HB with her own events. Its obvious on their part that they are very tired. Even IY is seemingly getting paler everytime she goes on to WGM. Seems like the Ant couple would be leaving soon too. Haiz... Haha, but today's epsisode is really funny too!!

Today, Hwanhee&yYobi and Marco&Dambi couples had their 100th day on WGM wedding shots! I like how the lighting is for H&Y's photos! It was very dreamy like with a angelic white background feel! Totally like the photographer!
Haha, on the contrast, M&D, their's is on more of a movie like theme with the black&white format. And they had solo photos especially Marco as the photographer was so engross in taking his model pictures! Isn't it suppose to be a wedding photoshoot?!

And Onigokko Revenge!!! SO FUNNY! Asaka is the Angel of Death! He unintentionally ran into his fellow members with an oni tagging behind him and when Kei, Hika and Shoon got close, they got caught. <_< & Taiyou got flustered because of a chirping bird? But God he survived! X3 lol! Yabu manage to escape when Asaka was close but he got caught on his own unluckiness, poor guy. But its still because Asaka had made him run from his previous position. lol

Bakerzin@JP finally called me up for the job~! I'm hired!
I'm been so slack these few days at home and being on the computer somehow made me feel useless.
At least I got a job now and I've to do it at least for six months, I hope I can manage it.

Anyway, when is the official date for the release of the O level results?! It is only known to be somewhere in January 2009 but what is the specific date?!!

I'm planning to take up a Japanese course at the Ikoma language school~ but I haven't registered yet, but they have saved a spot for me.
Now, I have to find a time to go register and my mum needs to be around! Gaaah~!

Damn, everything is suddenly so rush for me, I've yet to prepare for what I'm suppose to bring for the new job and I've still got to take the Typhoid vaccination first! Worse is that I've got another one day job and I'll be rushing to the clinic like hell after that! Why can't the clinic have longer opening hours?!!!

Gaaahh~! is this even considered going well? I'm like rushing everything at the last minute!

Haiz...guess that's it.

Jya ne. ^^

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I'm being random so I'm lame, and this is the first time I'm ever trying to be punctual wishing someone a happy birthday. XDDD


I SAW THE FULL PV OF WHITE X'MAS, yeah~ I know I've posted it in my previous entry. XD
And the MAKING of the pv too!!! It wasn't subbed though but newshfan has just subbed it! Is she just the greatest or is she the best?!!! XDDD

OMG and I was freaking SHOCK when I saw the ♥AKAME♥ scan in January09's Popolo!!! It is my best bdae prezzie ever! Who cares if my bdae is still far from ever as long the magazine is supposed to be stated for the same month!!

futari-love is just the best when she updates with AKAME stuffs ♥ hopefully she has fun in her job! XD
weird wishing?

I'm going for a job interview, consider today's afternoon so wish me luck!

Ps: is it just my problem or is there really something wrong with LJ? T^T

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I must never try to use my sis's computer to log into LJ again. =x

Ok, so I must blog this!!!

I saw the edited version of the WHITE X'MAS PV!!! Why is it so short?!!! Hopefully the DVD comes out a full version one.

Lol, and well I've guessed it partially right about the setting for the pv. It is in a snowy setting...not really snowy but at least there are snow. Fake ones I guess?

Anyway, KAT-TUN is so damn HAWT!!! (oops, should i include the 'damn'?) Although it is suppose to be a winter season, I'm seriously on the verge of melting especially when I see KAME!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!!! >//<

KAME! KAME! KAME!!! And Maru is so HAWT! Ueda look super KAWAII with the...what do you call that? A Winter hat? Haha, and Junno~!! He looks so mature with the new haircut!! Ok, I know Jin is Hawt, but why do i feel that his actions exaggerate abit to much, much over of the necessary? (don't kill me for this!! >_<) KOKI!!! WHY?!!! T^T His hair and his black specs!!! Its weird~!!! Can't Koki's hair go back to the period during his Scary Sunday series or young Koki days? WHY?!!! T^T

I had love to embed the video, but the way LJ is being viewed using my sis's laptop is sort of impossible for me to do it. Guess I'll do that later.

Gosh, I got lots to blog when I'm less busy man. XD

Jya ne~ got to rush~!

edit: is there something wrong going on with LJ?!!! Are they under maintenance??!!
But luckily I understand html enough to do paragraphing. XD
Here's the vid: AND ITS FULL VERSION!!!

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(i've forgotten to mention him in my previous post. XD)

I have lots to blog so bear with me for a while...

Ok, I'm am SO EXCITED as KAT-TUN is coming back with more projects and schedule!!!
First is their WHITE X'MAS and I've seen the cover!!! BUT WHY IS THE REGULAR COVER NICER THAN THE LIMITED??!! lol, but I like both cuz its KT! XDDD and the single released date is like very soon!!!

Then Maru and Massu have a new drama!!! The title is [RESCUE~特別高度救助隊(tokubetsu koudo kyuujotai)] and Maru is the lead!!! KyaaaAaaaAaa~~!!
It is going to be aired on 9th January 2009 on TBS, and following Saturdays at 8 PM!!! Someone has got to sub it!!!
They are suppose to be going to be fire-fighters that will save lives, It almost like Yamapi's Code Blue I think but I haven't even watched that yet.

Then Kame's drama which is adapted from a manga series [KAMI no SHIZUKU] the synopsis is rather known so I'm not gonna explain it. XD but KYAAAAA~~~ he is going to be a HOT wine seller of a businessman I tell ya!!! Just the thought of it makes me go kya-kya-ing~!
This is going to be aired on Tuedays starting from January09, I think it's the 3rd week since I remember seeing the date is a few days after my friend's birthday.

Last is Jin's Movie [BANDAGE], he is suppose to be in a band or something, I'm not sure about this synopsis but it is going to be shown somewhere in 2010 so we can talk about that later. XDDD

For last weekends, my friends and I went for the AFA08 held at Suntec! OMG it was so damn cool~! but I guess it was not as grand compare to those overseas but who cares? Anyway, there were so many cosplayers and there were well, anime goodies to buy but it expensive for me. I wanted to buy the Robin, Luffy and Zoro's figurines but I only manage to get Robin's since I didn't have enough when I went on Saturday and everything was sold out on Sunday!!! F***!!! I WANT THEM!!! GRRR!!! D=<

Ok, so there were lots of more expensive figurines, but becuz they cost a bomb, they were only on display and everyone was snatching to take snapshots of them.

They even invited ICHIROU MIZUKI & MAY'N to come perform!!! Too be frank, when I first saw his name on the AFA08 website, I was thinking, why is this guy so familiar? Where have I seen him? Then suddenly my light bulb lighted up, HE WAS ON CARTOON KAT-TUN!!! XDDD
He only came on that show for a mere seconds though, it was a suprise for Shoko Nakagawa since she's a big fan of him. XD
Lol, anyway, he doesn't seem his age in person, and I didn't expect to see that he has so many fans in SG either!!! *hides from knives*

May'N - her voice in so damn powerful...not a bad thing but, I think she needs a little voice control? I think it was probably because of the speaker that was too loud, my heart was pounding very hard as the bass was to loud for me to take, not to mention Ichirou-san's songs which was not only loud but deep. Guess hearing live sometimes is a bad thing? XDD But not always of cuz depending on who's you're watching actually. *winks* Get my point? >_<

I have have lots of pictures to share but, I'm sort of in a rush so I'll update in later.

I miss going on to CR but I've been out of the house so much lately and always come home late, and also cuz I'm lazy.
Haha, will update when I got the time. Gotta rush got to prepare for work.
Jya ne~! 

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