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Samsung Galaxy S4 customized covers.

I just really wanted to post this as an update. I'm just so happy with my covers! hehe. I still need to find a nice photo to print for heysayjump though. hmm...

I have been using the kt&hsj's for quite awhile, I've just had it change today to KT's recent magazine shoot cuz I like the way the photo was taken.

Also I have a lot of plot bunnies, but penning it down is just so hard for me. oh well.

Off to hunt alatreon. damn I need to upgrade the freaking weapon. lols.

Jya ne.

signing off

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No life in so many ways...!!!

Anyway, I've been getting random LJ adds from users who doesn't speak or comment or introduce themselves. It's really creeping me out. I would visit their LJ and realize either it's empty or that they post in a different language that I don't understand...

I don't really update my LJ much and things I usually share in my master post are usually not there is really no need to add me unless you really want to be my friend.

Also its almost coming to the end of the 4th month since I started the job. So far so good but I'm still hopping soon at the end of the year.

No work no money got work got money but no life...nuuuu... Wait I still do have!

KAT-TUN's new single!
Fumetsu no Scrum!
I'm falling for all the songs one by one~~

Since FnS had PV so that is first of course.

2nd is "In the Dark". I love that song!!! I've been playing that on repeat!!!

Then I saw that Koki's "Black or White had caused a huge uproar with the netizens, so I went to check and I fell for the music subsequently... Though I don't really understand his Engrish. Lol.

And Finally, "Radio"!!! I'm slowly falling for the melody~~

I'm also watching their talk shows as I go along, still got a few more which I have not downloaded yet.

Also doing my best in completing my Japanese homework.

Got myself a new spectacles too! Expensive but I need it...Haiz.

Anyway, again on the train squeezing with a lot of people so I'll end here~

Jya ne~!
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After starting this job, my body has been very kind and bad to me. 
I tend to auto wake up at 4:30am, only to fall back to partial sleep and the next thing I know, my alarm clock rings at 6:10am...

Even on the weekends, I can't sleep till the sun is body clock auto wakes me up at 6:30am!!! Gaahhhhhh....


Need to go to work now.



May. 15th, 2012 12:56 pm
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I'm at Work...
I have no Mood...
I want to go Home...
I want to Sleep...
I want to play Maple...
I want to watch Fairy Tail...
I want to finish Game of Thrones...
I want to finish Typesetting...
I need to do my Japanese homework...

Gaaahhh... Why do I have to have so many things going on in my head~~! I'm such a greedy girl... xP


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Well, there have been too much to update and I've also gotten lazy but oh well, I guess I still do it anyway. Why? Cuz I love to type. XD I guess.

Ok, so life haven't been much...I would say but apparently when its up, its to the peak and when its down, its really all the way deep down below. 

First, I've joined Echochi's Scanlation Team~! 
I've applied as a typesetter and I actually kind of like that job. I guess its because it has something to do with typing? lol.  
Anyway, I'm sure if you girls are BL fans, you must have heard of the team.
Not that anyone will come across here, but I'll if you girls wanna find good BL scanned mangas, be sure to head over to check for available mangas~! Here's to the Website and here's to the community [ profile] echochi_scans.

Ok, I've gotten my school results and I wouldn't say I was happy at first. I had wanted to appeal but I guess laziness takes over and I heard that its not easy to just change the grade like that. I'll just leave with it. 

I've also found a job as an Personal Assistant working under 3 Financial Consultants and well I would say its tough but at the moment its just stress. I'll probably get used to it after awhile. At first we thought that there would be no problem clocking up, but as soon as the contract was signed, my friend encounters some problem. I just hope she will be ok and I will still be able to work with her. 

Haiz... I don't why can't my life be smooth sailing. Since my final year project incident, I have been encountering unfavorable situations and the only good thing is probably I've joined Echochi. I wouldn't say my pay is good but I wouldn't say that its bad either. I guess being able to earn and still have more free time and still have full time benefits, I guess I should have no complains. 
I just want a smooth sailing peaceful life... and be able to just take or do things of my interest, have a perfect companion and I should be grateful for it. 

Gaahhh its tough. Why does the situation I've encountered are so hard to explain in words? Why does problems have to be so complicated? 

Anyhow, I will just earn and save and of course buy what I want to buy. Whether its a need or want. 
I guess picking out clothes for wearing to work is also quite troublesome, lucky for me I can just pick my mum's clothes for the moment. 

I'm also back at Ikoma trying to recollect and cope with my Japanese since its been two years since I last stopped my class. 

and I'm craving for bubble tea all of a sudden. 

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I have also change my LJ & profile layout to start the new year! =]

Whatever bad luck leave behind in the 2010
Start a fresh new in 2011!!!
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Belated 25th 
田中 聖

EARLY 20th
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Now in class. Presentation failed. But i guess the plot is fun. XP
I'm just pondering about what kind of actions would make people laugh?


My group's proposal is to follow this Japanese Punishment Game show. And unfortunately we haven't thought of anything to make anyone laugh. =(

Well, I'm just hoping anyone passing this could help me, give me some ideas?
like is there anything that would usually make YOU laugh? ANYTHING!!!

The main venue is suppose to be a school, but any action that might deemed funny is totally OK~! ^^

Sho-hey- HEI~!!! XP

Jya ne~
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Oh dear...I actually posted on 8th August and 9th August but I did not do it on 10th when I'm actually on holiday(public holiday)!!! WTH....

and why...Cuz its YUTO's BIRTHDAY!!! and I actually missed it....freak me. but oh well. I did two days before so it should be fine.

Anyway, I have finally finished Kami no Shizuku last night and will be starting on Rescue soon. Like finally due to busy work schedule and assignments. After this week, school holidays would start hence I got to endure for the last critic session and presentation of our past assignments we have done in the first semester for the rest of this week.

I still have Diploma Plus during the holidays though...well, that can come later.

Ok, just a few hours ago, I actually roamed into one Hate Meme posted in one of the Livejournals here, and the comments and replies are damn hilarious. It is suppose to be a fun hate meme so nothing really wrong with it, besides, it is really funny. But on the other hand, some have to put in other HSJ contributors, like these LJuser's name in it as well. I mean, hello, without them, where do you think you can actually hear about the boys and also fandom about it? Though again, why waste time on hating something when you can actually spend time on what you like instead of what you hate? Guess these people have no life? 

Ok so maybe writing about something you hate is not really that bad either since it IS a personal thought and opinion since you can't deny the fact if you actually have the hate feeling towards something. But to start a hate war is just dumb.

Haiz...its just that in this world, somethings are just hard to explain it in words, it is either do or die, hate or like, black or white. So whether my post makes any sense or not, its just up to anyone who cares to read this. *shrugs*

got to run~
12th August 2009,
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Before the night ends.


ps: I'll add in photos later. ^^

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Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh~!!! I need to keep track of my life so here goes~!!!
But first things first,




Ok, recently I have been into alot of new things and also preparing for school to start as well.

Since ARASHI's TRUTH, I've gotten into their BELIEVE as well, demo TOMADOI NAGARA, I've somehow traveled further back into their JIDAI and is ready to STEP & GO on. Seeing SAKURA SAKE gives me the feelling of KITTO DAIJOUBU and also the HAPPINESS that I've WISH for LOVE SO SWEET. So now I'm told that WE CAN MAKE IT back to my world~ XDDDDD

HaHa, does that make sense? Actually to be simple in words is that I've been into ARASHI's songs lately and so LOVE AIBA-CHAN!!! He is SO KAWAII to KAKKOII!

Not to mention YAMAPI's solo MOLA!!! He sure is AKANISHI's mabudachi!! Both sings so horny lyrics!!! XDDDD

I've also received my RESCUE LE Single!!! YATTA!!!

Yesterday was the most regretful day I've lived because I had rushed out of the house in the afternoon forgetting that I didn't have my phone with me. At first it wasn't that bad but when evening came and I was walking home from JP mall, I saw a HUGE RAINBOW against the sunset sky!!! It was downright BEAUTIFUL!!! I was like DANG WHY DID I HAVE TO FORGET MY PHONE OF ALL DAYS?!!!

Anyway, there was another day which I can't remember when but the clouds had form beautiful patterns as well that I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures of it. Not exactly patterns but just see and you'll know what I mean.

Cloudy Clouds~ ^^ )

Anyway, my sister had just shown me a video about a Lecturer Feedback form from students of NTU.

Ok I'll end here, I think I've ramble too much. XP
Jya ne~
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Congratulations to HIKA-KUN of his GRADUATION!!!
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Ok, I went to Sher's house yesterday to swim!!! It has been awhile since I last swam and into the 1.8m end is really so cool and deep!!! However the fact that it is very dangerous so never ever go to a deep end without anyone accompany you~
Anyways, we swam and chatted and played random stuff and I got to know something interesting from her too!! It is so cute and something I can never experience!!! We like to hang about the ladder in the pool and it wasn't as cold until the wind starts to blow at about 7.15pm, it was really very brrrghhhh~ cold....

and Sher's house is so big! It actually felt like a hotel room at some place like....the toilet!! XD and seriously, her bathtub instead of filling it up with soap & bubbles, it is actually filled with bags, a guitar, a luggage and some other random stuffs a teenage girl could have! Oh my!
We spent time fighting over Hikaru and then watching some HSJ clips on the internet and I also ate dinner at her house!!! I didn't dared to eat brinja / egg-plant until I tried her maid's cooking!! Spicy and sour!!! 美味しい!!

I left her house at about 10.15pm and I can tell you, the place looks creepily dark and well...just plain cold.... the wind was howling and the moon was so round & bright!! Was it the 15th on the lunar calender yesterday?

On to my FANDOM. Check for updates and I saw ONE DROP PV MAKING out!!! I wanted to wait for the hardsubbed version from [ profile] newshfan  since I think the clubbox had a little problem that I couldnt' download the raw from the site, so I'll just head over to Youtube to watch the raw first. > <

** Notice **
To those KT fans out there who visits [ profile] newshfan , please do not criticize her highlights, seriously it is her blog so she has the right to voice her own opinions. It is just like I'm a Kame fan, but I still think his hair sucks.
We should already appreciate her efforts from taking her busy schedule off just to sub this for us KT fans that can't understand Japanese. It is a big possibility that those KT fans were just defending their own idol but maybe they could just write it in their own blogs or just keep it to themselves and not comment in her LJ.

I got to admit it, I think I can never understand KT if it was not for her subs.

Haha, all and all~

Koki and Maru being hyper and funny,
Kame and Ueda being cute,
Junno and Jin being bakas. > <
And the members each have a car, the car-plates were printed with their initials and their birth dates!!! I want Kame's!!!
And kame look so cute trying to get under the piano chair! What is he doing?! & his butt is near showing and Koki was just standing behind!!! Koki had better not pounce on him. XPPPPPP

Signing off~ 
Ja Matta!


Feb. 7th, 2009 01:13 am
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Ok, I had work the whole day from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

However, something good happened to me!!

Lazy to explain but the picture will tell you everything!!!

If you can't see the picture clearly, it actually ask.

Was there an employee whom you felt really went out of his/her way to make your dining experience more enjoyable?

Name of employee: ME!!!

I really really really want to thank the couple!!! I can't disclose their name but omg, I'm like so happy and hyper the whole night!!!
If I ever see them again, I'll do my best in serving them again!!!

Ok, that's all for now. Nothing much already.

Ja matta~ ^^


Feb. 5th, 2009 01:00 am
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Ok, I did not have the intention of changing my LJ layout at all until I saw Hikaru's layout at [ profile] okimiyage ! I took Yuto's and Kei's & also a few of KAT-TUN's but I purposely used Hikaru's one to spite my friend(Shel) if she sees my LJ. XD and last but not least it is because Hikaru is HOT++++! However the real reason still applies to the main one. ><

Ok, so onto today~ Work as usual, reach home about 11.45pm and started surfing the net once everything was settled.
I took some pictures home on the way cuz I think I was in the mood for it and well it was quite an art...well at
least to me~ ><

The so-called art~ XP )

Haha, and today i was so damn happy because I've actually RECEIVED A HONGBAO from a CUSTOMER!!!

Red Packet... )

She must have remembered me the last time she came and I was the one serving her. I feel quite apologetic to her now as I couldn't thank her properly because I was too busy rushing everywhere to get things done. I would not want to receive any negative comments from any destructing customers especially not at that moment.
And she's so kind!! It is only the second time I've seen her with her daughter patronizing Bakerzin and she actually gave me not a lot but its only the second time and she's already giving me that much!!! I really can't thank her enough...hopefully the next time she patronizes again, I could get her name and maybe thanked and attend to her properly. ^^


I know I sounded lame since she probably would not be reading this and neither can she hear me, but still I hope my thoughts can get to her~

so on to my fandom~ XP

I've seen the preview of ONE DROP at [ profile] kattunlove a-and its so H-HAWT!!! ><
But there is this one thing that I cannot understand, why is it that KAME's hair have to be so CURLY again?!! To the extent that its curling outwards and some even upwards, making him look like some evil-looking witch?!!! Gaaaah!!!

I've seen the Shonen Club 2009.02.01's episode yesterday but it was only some bits and pieces videos since it was like uploaded all over the place in Youtube but Hey!Say!JUMP was there!!! There were like so many member-ai moments especially Yabu and Inoo moments! I can see that Hika is somewhat wanting to join in too, but is it to be with Yabu or Inoo? That I can't say~~~ *gets bricked* >< I'm just kidding!!! XPPPPP There was a song where the members had to carry another member too!!! KAWAII!! Yabu carried Yuto!!! LOL and they are both the two tallest in their sub-groups. XDDD

The Johnny's Jrs also sang KAT-TUN's Gloria & Jumpin' Up!!! So cool~!!! I mean the songs, not the Jrs. XDDDD Ahahahaha!! *gets shot*

Anyway, I've came across this story/quiz from [ profile] tokidoki_sama (with Daiki's layout) and it was interesting!

Click it~! )

and also a GUESS YOUR CHARACTER quiz HERE from [ profile] futari_love . PLAY IT!!!
It's for you to think of a character and let the computer guess it right or wrong,
I did it the first time and it actually work!! However, subsequent tries did not work out. XDDD

Ok, I've babbled to much, time to edit the fiction before I can post it up~

Ja matta ne~
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Lol, I'm back with more ramblings~~

First things first~ 



I've been in my job for about a month now and I realize that human beings are really so "cute" that they will always remember things that are not necessary such as "negative service".
It is a very rare occasion that we receive feedback cards from customers each time they come patronizing at Bakerzin. However the feedback we got can never be a good one.

Server's POV:
Being a server can actually be very tiring when he or she have work for consecutive days and have been standing and rushing for long hours the whole day. Being like any other human being, they can feel tired, lethargic, frustrated and depressed when things does not go well. They tried very hard to keep a smile in front of the customers but some customers tend to find fault with them.

The bistro tend to be full house around 6pm to 9pm and everyone tend to be very busy trying to keep in mind the things they have to do for the customers, sometimes they would forget to do something and maybe at the least the customers themselves can remind the servers if it was really taking too long.

Customer's POV:
If the customers has already waited far too long, it is natural that they will feel neglected and frustrated. More or less they would want to point out the mistakes. There is nothing wrong with that.

Confusing of what I'm trying to get?
Simple, we must learn to give and take at things.

Server's can try to improve while on the other hand, customers should give them another chance by reminding them.
Not only that, Customers that feel they have receive GOOD service, please at least feedback on that to ENCOURAGE the servers that they can actually make customers happy, always receiving negative comments can not only make everyone depress but also the sudden feeling of "what's the point in doing all this?

**Without customers, a bistro cannot work and the servers will have no work to do while on the other hand, without servers, customers would have to self-help themselves in everything like getting the beverage, food, and even settling their own bill. Everyone will be practically running all over the place!

Ok, enough with that, let's talk about something else. ^^

I've got my posting results to Ngee Ann Polytechnic. At first when I was aware of it, I was afraid as the course I was appointed to has got a future that cannot be foresee and to get a job related to that in SG is like way below 25%. I've put that as my fourth choice and apparently, I got in.
However after thinking about it, though the future career cannot be determined, but if I just study hard and make full use of the knowledge I've gained from it and maybe use it on the Internet, who knows? A miracle could appear!
Not that I'm deceiving myself, but what's done cannot be undone, no point crying over spill milk. Might as well make good use of it.
I even thought that I may be able to put what I've learn into my fandom and maybe enjoying it so much that I could produce results that people may like it!!!

& on to something not so fascinating.

It's my first time eating at Pepper Lunch!!! I went to eat at Pepper Lunch with my Japanese course classmates

Salmon Pepper Rice is so delicious!!! Though I hate the corns but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. ><

Salmon Pepper Rice )

edit: I finally bought a external hard drive and my internal hard drive can finally be free of the burden!!! & I can download more stuffs!!! YAY!!! 

Ok, I think that's it for today.

Ja matta Raishu~ 

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Well, I know I'm not bored to be doing this, but I just want to write this out and since this is my own journal and my own opinion, no harm done to anyone unless you're guilty conscious to be thinking that I'm aiming at you. ^^

and since this is happening to my mum and to other considerate people out there, I think inconsiderate human-beings needs to know.

Everyone in SG, well probably everyone knows that there is this NETS program that's circling through out areas for shoppers to have a draw for something and its usually a can of abalone that is the big thing you can draw from it. And as long you have a nets receipt, you can draw and maximum each person can draw per turn is 5 as what' I've heard. But some inconsiderate people, come in large groups, that's nothing wrong to begin with, but when you have gotten your turn, got yourself lucky and drew a can of abalone or two, could you just please stop at that?

This incident happened last week in JP's outlet.
My mum told me that a girl seems like she was flaunting off her so called luckiness was first sighted carrying two bags with a can of abalone in each walking around, and the next time she and another queing in front of her lady spotted her, she was seen carrying four bags. What I'm trying to get is, how the hell did she manage to do that when my mum and the rest were still queing way behind?!

Reason being simple, she was with a large group of people that were queing in front of the line, so everytime when her turn is over, she heads back to where the group is and continued queing from there. You may have people you know queing there and its fine if you join them and maybe queue for a second time, but too many a times is considered CUTTING QUEUE!!!

No matter how the security guard counted from the start to near where my mum is standing, the queue never seem to shorten at all!! Sometimes the mumber even increase! 

Once my dad was queing at the front, my mum saw him, but she didn't queue with him as she didn't want to cut the queue for people who were in front her. But another couple had brought a stack of reciepts...and just when my mum thought even if they brought that much, each person can only draw 5 maximum, four of the couple's sons arrived, and do I have to say it? YES! ITS THE SAME AS CUTTING QUEUE!!!


Even I as a Singaporean, feels ashame!!! How would foreigners think?!
Yeah, they may say typical Singaporean and it is suppose to be a unique thing that we have the 3 Ks that people always say, but seriously, too much is too much.

Not to say I'm cruel, but I hope those greedy freaks gets choke by the abalone they YEARN so much.

Now, the program is at Chinatown, seems like a new rule has added and that everyone must show their identification card to redeem a draw which is a good thing. Haiz...but then only one time for a life time, ok maybe its just for that location but I'm not sure to say if its a good thing of a bad.

If the rule states one try per person for one day, I guess that is fair enough isn't it?

Too lenient is not good yet too strict is bad too. WHY?!! Can't everyone learn to be NICE?!!

Human Beings will be the Death of Earth one day. Why else would people predict a Dooms-Day to happen?

Ok, I'll stop here, I feeling bad and frustrated as it is. Sheesh.


Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:33 pm
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First things first:

It was [ profile] sliverbrazen 's birthday yesterday!! So Otanjobu Omedatou!!! (did I even spell it correctly? X)

and OMEDATOU to INOO-CHAN for being able to enter MEIJI UNIVERSTIY!!! He is so smart!!! LOVE HIM!!!

Haha, alot of things have happen for the past weeks and I've gotten back my O level results.
Not to say I'm happy about it but I'm not that sad either. It is just that my score can't let me get into the course I want that's all.
Haiz...but I still placed it as my first choice and I don't regret even though I know the chances of getting in is like impossible. XD

What I'm most regretful about is my ENGLISH!!! Now I know why the HSJ members don't really like English. X3
My daily English is still acceptable considering my family are English speakers...although we do blend in other languages and dialects. Typical Singaporeans. XD Yeah, but what I do suck at is my tenses so I guess that is what pulled my grades down horribly.


Anyway, I've started attending my Japanese Class and I've made new friends!!! They are also KAT-TUN fans!!! ....but they're all much cleverer than a huge gap...T^T Gaaah~ who cares!!!


I've just made yin-chan that stupid girl create a livejournal!! So her fics would be posted there from now~ as long as if she's not lazy~ XD
Here's her account: [ profile] angel_yin .
Nothing in her journal yet but she's typing it as I'm doing it to mine. XP

And see the bdae card she made for me!!! So like Hikaru style!!! XDDDDD
Go~ CARD! )

Oh oh, while she's typing about my bad stuffs. I'll tell you that she likes to squeal over YAMADA and DAIKI and NAKAMARU!!! She will always squeal that she's melting, melting and melting until she vaporised. THAT STUPID GIRL! 
LOL I'll get smacked by her. XD

Anyway, that's about it.
Jya matta ne~ ^^

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Ok, I've got to post this up in like one hour's time before today is over. XD

I have a lot to write about that I don't even know where to start!!!

First is that today is my BIRTHDAY! I'm older by one year now... lol.
And I've receive alot of greetings from my RL friends and also my LJ buddies!!! Hmm...
My RL friends are Yin-chan, Fa-neh, YinBao, Hui Hsing (this stupid girl must remind one (>.<), Wee2, and my classmates Felicia & Xiaotong (I'm suprise with the last two that they still remembered) XD
and my LJ buddies >> Liyi, Tiffany, Yan-chan, Judy, Alicia, Adelia, [profile] muchie05 , [profile] rehtse933 , !!!
My other buddies didn't since I didn't inform them so its alright. XD

See what Tiff-chan has made for me!!! She is so sweet~!!! (ignore the background! (>.<)

Working Life... )

Anyway, onto my home life, nothing much except for the fact that it has change like SO MUCH!!! After clearing so much of the junks and arranging furniture, shifting here and there, the house look so much bigger than it was before!!! I did not know my house was that spacious!!! bleh bleh bleh~!!!

And I went to finally pay for ONE DROP single!!! Now I can't wait to receive it despite the fact that it will only be released in February!!! LOL!!!
I saw SCRAP TEACHER DVD this afternoon at TS too. If it was not because that I was broke already, I would have gotten it without hesitation!!! GRRRGH~ WHY DID CR TOOK DOWN THE EPISODES?!!!!
And TACTICS would be out in 4th March as known so I can't for it either!!!
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Hah, today might be the last for when I start my work at a later time, so I had better post while I can.

I've registered at Ikoma Language to take up Japanese lessons in January 2009!!! So happy!!! If anyone is also taking and will be around the same time as me, omg, I'll be so glad to make friends with you!! XDDD

Ok, I've changed my avatar seeing as there were quite a few fangirls using the "all I want for X'mas is YUTO" and the one for HIKA is also taken, I'm so using KEI's since I don't see anyone using it as yet, but even so, I'm not gonna change it either.

Speaking of those three, I knew I didn't have any reason when I started fangirling over them, but now, I found a common thing among them from their recent concert Hey!Say!Jump-ing Tour ‘08-’09. The three of them play an instrument!!! Yuto on the drums, Hika on the Bass and Kei on the Keyboard!!!
Not only that, the other two members which I'm starting to have a liking for them for quite a while now also plays an instrument!!!
Keito and Yabu both play the Guitars!!! Banzai!! LOL,
I didn't think I have a fetish for guys who can play any instruments. Well, maybe except for Kame. XD There is totally no reason as to why I like him, cuz I just do. Of course I'm not saying I like the few HSJ members are because they play instruments, I didn't even know they could and would in the first place when I first got to know them!!! (as in fandom world).
Ohya!!! I did mention I like Maru too right? Haha he has his own human instrument! the Human BEAT BOX! X3

I wonder now...hmm....if my ever future partner would be someone who can plays an instrument too? XDD
Nah~ I don't think I'll even have one. X3

And just recently when I had my White X'mas single in my hands only, another time bomb got landed in my hands. KAT-TUN is coming out a new single in February 2009!!! Their 9th single is called "ONE DROP". It is for Kame's new drama "Kami no Shizuku" and there will also be an insert song too. Finally its not only a one song single. XD
Weird thing is, for Maru's drama, who is going to sing the drama theme? NewS? Or some other group singers?
I've already placed my order in CDJapan just in case the 'pre-order' button disappear but I've yet to make payment yet. I'm still waiting for two of my friends to consider if they are getting it. Tiffany is still in Korea so I'll have to wait till she gets back.

Anyway, about my friend's fic, since [community profile] hey_say  has a new fanfiction masterpost rule, i guess you'll all have to check for comments there to see if I've updated ne. ^^

Guess I'll end here~ 
Jya matta ne~ ^^

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