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Aug. 10th, 2013 01:06 am
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I can't do much at the moment but...


Yuto 20th Bdae

もうはたちですよ!!! ちょイケメンになってきた!
Your sempais might not notice your growth but we fangirls do so continue to be the cheerful and fun you!

#中島裕翔 #誕生日 #nakajimayuto #20thbirthday #heysayjump!

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Title: I don't want to!
Author: [livejournal.com profile] alsykt
Pairing: YutoYama, YamaJima
Genre: Fluff, Crack
Rating: PG
Summary: Yuto wants a hug.

It is just you fanboying other guys )

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A battle between my conscious and my senses is what I'm going though now... Tsk.

I'm tired.
I want to sleep.
I want to rest and wake up automatically.


I want to use my computer.
I want to watch videos.
I want to chase fanfics and mangas.
I want to go out and spent time with my idiot.
I want to study, revise and practice my Japanese.
I want to typeset mangas.


I'm lazy.
I don't want to move.
I want to close my eyes and not think.


There's just so many things I want to do and there so little time!!!


See what I mean? _| ̄|○

Signing off...
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No life in so many ways...!!!

Anyway, I've been getting random LJ adds from users who doesn't speak or comment or introduce themselves. It's really creeping me out. I would visit their LJ and realize either it's empty or that they post in a different language that I don't understand...

I don't really update my LJ much and things I usually share in my master post are usually not friend-locked...so there is really no need to add me unless you really want to be my friend.

Also its almost coming to the end of the 4th month since I started the job. So far so good but I'm still hopping soon at the end of the year.

No work no money got life...got work got money but no life...nuuuu... Wait I still do have!

KAT-TUN's new single!
Fumetsu no Scrum!
I'm falling for all the songs one by one~~

Since FnS had PV so that is first of course.

2nd is "In the Dark". I love that song!!! I've been playing that on repeat!!!

Then I saw that Koki's "Black or White had caused a huge uproar with the netizens, so I went to check and I fell for the music subsequently... Though I don't really understand his Engrish. Lol.

And Finally, "Radio"!!! I'm slowly falling for the melody~~

I'm also watching their talk shows as I go along, still got a few more which I have not downloaded yet.

Also doing my best in completing my Japanese homework.

Got myself a new spectacles too! Expensive but I need it...Haiz.

Anyway, again on the train squeezing with a lot of people so I'll end here~

Jya ne~!
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I'm always late when it comes to things like this...(and my app keeps crashing when I'm trying to add an emoticon...zzz)



My app can't do much so I'm gonna leave it as it is~~

Jya. Time to start work.
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Happy 19th Birthday
Nakajima Yuto!!!

I guess it's the best I can do while on a train using the LJapp. Haiz...

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I've started working full time for a month now but I still keep overtime. And I'm working in the Finance department as well, honestly I'm not the kind to like Finance, what with dealing all the numbers and the system that is so hard to understand.

Haiz... I have so little time to enjoy at my computer.

Somehow I still have alittle time to actually typeset here and there and watch running man, but I haven't been doing my japanese homework, I'm so screwed. If I dun practice I might forget a lot...

Oh gosh the horror of working. I actually felt stressed and cried about it. Luckily I have someone whom I can still lean on.

And one temp girl has been a great help to me, too bad today is her last day and she won't be working anymore, this time I'm really screwed since I usually go to her for help.

The assistant manager... I don't know what to say about her since sometimes she can be nice and sometimes she just make me feel so pissed off.

But luckily there is another supervisor and she is actually very nice, though she have to be strict sometimes.

And I'm still on the train on the way home as I type this.




May. 15th, 2012 12:56 pm
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I'm at Work...
I have no Mood...
I want to go Home...
I want to Sleep...
I want to play Maple...
I want to watch Fairy Tail...
I want to finish Game of Thrones...
I want to finish Typesetting...
I need to do my Japanese homework...

Gaaahhh... Why do I have to have so many things going on in my head~~! I'm such a greedy girl... xP


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お誕生日おめでとう!! 

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