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Well, there have been too much to update and I've also gotten lazy but oh well, I guess I still do it anyway. Why? Cuz I love to type. XD I guess.

Ok, so life haven't been much...I would say but apparently when its up, its to the peak and when its down, its really all the way deep down below. 

First, I've joined Echochi's Scanlation Team~! 
I've applied as a typesetter and I actually kind of like that job. I guess its because it has something to do with typing? lol.  
Anyway, I'm sure if you girls are BL fans, you must have heard of the team.
Not that anyone will come across here, but I'll if you girls wanna find good BL scanned mangas, be sure to head over to check for available mangas~! Here's to the Website and here's to the community [ profile] echochi_scans.

Ok, I've gotten my school results and I wouldn't say I was happy at first. I had wanted to appeal but I guess laziness takes over and I heard that its not easy to just change the grade like that. I'll just leave with it. 

I've also found a job as an Personal Assistant working under 3 Financial Consultants and well I would say its tough but at the moment its just stress. I'll probably get used to it after awhile. At first we thought that there would be no problem clocking up, but as soon as the contract was signed, my friend encounters some problem. I just hope she will be ok and I will still be able to work with her. 

Haiz... I don't why can't my life be smooth sailing. Since my final year project incident, I have been encountering unfavorable situations and the only good thing is probably I've joined Echochi. I wouldn't say my pay is good but I wouldn't say that its bad either. I guess being able to earn and still have more free time and still have full time benefits, I guess I should have no complains. 
I just want a smooth sailing peaceful life... and be able to just take or do things of my interest, have a perfect companion and I should be grateful for it. 

Gaahhh its tough. Why does the situation I've encountered are so hard to explain in words? Why does problems have to be so complicated? 

Anyhow, I will just earn and save and of course buy what I want to buy. Whether its a need or want. 
I guess picking out clothes for wearing to work is also quite troublesome, lucky for me I can just pick my mum's clothes for the moment. 

I'm also back at Ikoma trying to recollect and cope with my Japanese since its been two years since I last stopped my class. 

and I'm craving for bubble tea all of a sudden. 

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