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Yamajima / YutoYama
Is he Important
5 time Yamada dragged Yuto somewhere
5 times Yamada and Yuto were compared with Kamenashi and Akanishi
[Drabble] where have all the authors gone???
[Drabble] I don't want to!

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Title : Heart Attack. [One Shot]
Author: [ profile] alsykt
Pairing : YutoYama
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Romance, Slight-angst
Summary : Yamada gets a heart attack.
Warning: Grammatical errors, lame plot.
Words: 5,749

I'd think I'll have a heart attack. )

A/N: This was supposedly a song fic and I think most would be able to tell which song it was. But half way it sort of went off course so I have no idea anymore what I was writing. Since this was sitting for in my pc for awhile and with the lack of my fave OTP fics lately, (probably everyone is still high on the recent interactions between the two cutie pies to post anything XD), hence I posted it. Well, I don't really write much so bear with me ne. ^_^
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[Download] Arashi ni Shiyagare Haru no Shotaiken SP! - Yuto Part
Date: 2014.04.05
File Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 29:18
File Size: 446.8MB
Link: Mega
Keys: CyX4cng3I2DcW3-YcEWo-FAzxshxLmcUoCQBrD8aRVA

I enjoyed watching this alot seeing how bbYuto has grown and is even drinking alcohol! At least that's what I think...or was it substitute with cold tea? Well he has reach the legal age in Japan so no harm there right? XD

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

PS: If anyone knows where I can watch or get the file for HSJ Party 4, please do share with me!!! *bows*
Ps2:highlight for the keys
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Samsung Galaxy S4 customized covers.

I just really wanted to post this as an update. I'm just so happy with my covers! hehe. I still need to find a nice photo to print for heysayjump though. hmm...

I have been using the kt&hsj's for quite awhile, I've just had it change today to KT's recent magazine shoot cuz I like the way the photo was taken.

Also I have a lot of plot bunnies, but penning it down is just so hard for me. oh well.

Off to hunt alatreon. damn I need to upgrade the freaking weapon. lols.

Jya ne.

signing off

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Happy 23rd Birthday


Hikaru Yaotome!!

I can't do much like most fangirls do...but I could still wish him. ^_^ Stay healthy and be the ever cheerful and fun you Hika-kun!


Oct. 18th, 2013 11:09 am
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Uh...where do I even begin?

OK so now my bosses are out of town to some business trip for 2 weeks and I'm all alone in the office.
I can do lots of things but of course I have to be careful in case there will be other clients that might pop in all of a sudden.

But then, because of the recent announcement KAT-TUN, it happened last week actually and I've sort of cool off but still the motivation is just not there anymore...currently.

I've posted my thoughts in tumblr but since I have the time now, I might as well just update my blog with it as well.

This was just after the announcement:

Can I cry - 10 / 10 / 2013 )

And this was after watching so many news regarding everyone's thoughts on this incident.

I haven't and I shouldn't - 17 / 10 / 2013 )

As you can see, no matter what happens, as long as the boys have their fans at heart genuinely, I will always support them as long as KAT-TUN exist.

I don't really care if anybody reads it or not, that's why there is the lj-cut (to spare the friend page), but if anyone(hyphens) who is interested and have read it plus you felt the same way or similar, then I sincerely thanked you.

Also FRIDAY Magazine had caught Koki on the streets and had a interview with him. Anyone interested can head over here to read it.
I sincerely hope Koki will stay in contact with KAT-TUN in the future when possible, I can’t bear to see the bond crumble just because he acted like a spoiled brat.

Signing off.
- kazuyalsy
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僕はここにいる (Boku wa Koko ni Iru)
Vocals By: Rino
Related: Gashbell Episode 22 Insert song



届かない空 ざらつく風 君は雨唄のよう
僕はここにいるよ その先へと羽ばたくために

研ぎ澄まされてく 言葉の刃に僕は
虚しさばかりを 感じている

くり返されてく アイジョウ・ニチジョウ・イタミ
蒼く尖っては 傷つけ来た

ふいに溢れた 君のその微笑み
僕はいつから 笑えなくなってた?

届かない空 ざらつく風 君は雨唄のよう
そっと金切り声 うまく流す
今 願いが祈りになる 思い出などじゃなくて
僕はここにいるよ その先へと羽ばたくために

人ごみ揺れてた 大きな瞳がなぜか
空っぽの心 埋め尽くした

引き寄せられてく カナシミ・ゲキジョウ・ムジョウ
振り切る力を 君がくれた

涙こらえて 何を描けるんだろ?
触れた微笑み 優しさで守りたい

届かない空 ざらつく風 君は真実の花
伝うこの痛みも 輝きへと
めぐり会えた この奇跡は 偽りなどじゃなくて
僕はここにいるよ ただ未来を手にするために

届かない空 ざらつく風 君は雨唄のよう
そっと金切り声 うまく流す
今 願いが祈りになる 思い出などじゃなくて
僕はここにいるよ その先へと羽ばたくために


todokanai sora zaratsuku kaze kimi wa amauta no yô
boku wa koko ni iruyo sono saki e to habataku tame ni

togisumasareteku kotoba no yaiba ni boku wa
munashisa bakari o kanjiteiru

kurikaesareteku aijô nichijô itami
aoku togattewa kizutsuke kita

fui ni afureta kimi no sono hohoemi
boku wa itsu kara waraenaku natteta?

todokanai sora zaratsuku kaze kimi wa amauta no yô
sotto kanakirigoe umaku nagasu
ima negai ga inori ni naru omoide nado ja nakute
boku wa koko ni iru yo sono saki e to habataku tame ni

hitogomi yureteta ôkina hitomi ga nazeka
karappo no kokoro umetsukushita

hikiyoserareteku kanashimi gekijô mujô
furikiru chikara o kimi ga kureta

namida koraete nani o egakerundarô
fureta hohoemi yasashisa de mamoritai

todokanai sora zaratsuku kaze kimi ha shinjitsu no hana
tsutau kono itami mo kagayaki e to
meguriaeta kono kiseki wa itsuwari nado ja nakute
boku wa koko ni iru yo tada mirai o te ni suru tame ni

todokanai sora zaratsuku kaze kimi wa amauta no yô
sotto kanakirigoe umaku nagasu
ima negai ga inori ni naru omoide nado ja nakute
boku wa koko ni iru yo sono saki e to habataku tame ni

Disclaimer: I do not own any lyrics nor the song.

lyrics credits | DL Links.

Yuto !!!

Aug. 10th, 2013 01:06 am
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I can't do much at the moment but...


Yuto 20th Bdae

もうはたちですよ!!! ちょイケメンになってきた!
Your sempais might not notice your growth but we fangirls do so continue to be the cheerful and fun you!

#中島裕翔 #誕生日 #nakajimayuto #20thbirthday #heysayjump!

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Title: I don't want to!
Author: [ profile] alsykt
Pairing: YutoYama, YamaJima
Genre: Fluff, Crack
Rating: PG
Summary: Yuto wants a hug.

It is just you fanboying other guys )

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Title: Where have all the authors gone???
Author: [ profile] alsykt
Pairing: YutoYama
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: What happens when there are no updates and you're dying of it?

Yuto is totally enjoying himself~ )
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A battle between my conscious and my senses is what I'm going though now... Tsk.

I'm tired.
I want to sleep.
I want to rest and wake up automatically.


I want to use my computer.
I want to watch videos.
I want to chase fanfics and mangas.
I want to go out and spent time with my idiot.
I want to study, revise and practice my Japanese.
I want to typeset mangas.


I'm lazy.
I don't want to move.
I want to close my eyes and not think.


There's just so many things I want to do and there so little time!!!


See what I mean? _| ̄|○

Signing off...
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No life in so many ways...!!!

Anyway, I've been getting random LJ adds from users who doesn't speak or comment or introduce themselves. It's really creeping me out. I would visit their LJ and realize either it's empty or that they post in a different language that I don't understand...

I don't really update my LJ much and things I usually share in my master post are usually not there is really no need to add me unless you really want to be my friend.

Also its almost coming to the end of the 4th month since I started the job. So far so good but I'm still hopping soon at the end of the year.

No work no money got work got money but no life...nuuuu... Wait I still do have!

KAT-TUN's new single!
Fumetsu no Scrum!
I'm falling for all the songs one by one~~

Since FnS had PV so that is first of course.

2nd is "In the Dark". I love that song!!! I've been playing that on repeat!!!

Then I saw that Koki's "Black or White had caused a huge uproar with the netizens, so I went to check and I fell for the music subsequently... Though I don't really understand his Engrish. Lol.

And Finally, "Radio"!!! I'm slowly falling for the melody~~

I'm also watching their talk shows as I go along, still got a few more which I have not downloaded yet.

Also doing my best in completing my Japanese homework.

Got myself a new spectacles too! Expensive but I need it...Haiz.

Anyway, again on the train squeezing with a lot of people so I'll end here~

Jya ne~!
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I'm always late when it comes to things like this...(and my app keeps crashing when I'm trying to add an emoticon...zzz)



My app can't do much so I'm gonna leave it as it is~~

Jya. Time to start work.
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After starting this job, my body has been very kind and bad to me. 
I tend to auto wake up at 4:30am, only to fall back to partial sleep and the next thing I know, my alarm clock rings at 6:10am...

Even on the weekends, I can't sleep till the sun is body clock auto wakes me up at 6:30am!!! Gaahhhhhh....


Need to go to work now.

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Happy 19th Birthday
Nakajima Yuto!!!

I guess it's the best I can do while on a train using the LJapp. Haiz...

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I've started working full time for a month now but I still keep overtime. And I'm working in the Finance department as well, honestly I'm not the kind to like Finance, what with dealing all the numbers and the system that is so hard to understand.

Haiz... I have so little time to enjoy at my computer.

Somehow I still have alittle time to actually typeset here and there and watch running man, but I haven't been doing my japanese homework, I'm so screwed. If I dun practice I might forget a lot...

Oh gosh the horror of working. I actually felt stressed and cried about it. Luckily I have someone whom I can still lean on.

And one temp girl has been a great help to me, too bad today is her last day and she won't be working anymore, this time I'm really screwed since I usually go to her for help.

The assistant manager... I don't know what to say about her since sometimes she can be nice and sometimes she just make me feel so pissed off.

But luckily there is another supervisor and she is actually very nice, though she have to be strict sometimes.

And I'm still on the train on the way home as I type this.




May. 15th, 2012 12:56 pm
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I'm at Work...
I have no Mood...
I want to go Home...
I want to Sleep...
I want to play Maple...
I want to watch Fairy Tail...
I want to finish Game of Thrones...
I want to finish Typesetting...
I need to do my Japanese homework...

Gaaahhh... Why do I have to have so many things going on in my head~~! I'm such a greedy girl... xP


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Well, there have been too much to update and I've also gotten lazy but oh well, I guess I still do it anyway. Why? Cuz I love to type. XD I guess.

Ok, so life haven't been much...I would say but apparently when its up, its to the peak and when its down, its really all the way deep down below. 

First, I've joined Echochi's Scanlation Team~! 
I've applied as a typesetter and I actually kind of like that job. I guess its because it has something to do with typing? lol.  
Anyway, I'm sure if you girls are BL fans, you must have heard of the team.
Not that anyone will come across here, but I'll if you girls wanna find good BL scanned mangas, be sure to head over to check for available mangas~! Here's to the Website and here's to the community [ profile] echochi_scans.

Ok, I've gotten my school results and I wouldn't say I was happy at first. I had wanted to appeal but I guess laziness takes over and I heard that its not easy to just change the grade like that. I'll just leave with it. 

I've also found a job as an Personal Assistant working under 3 Financial Consultants and well I would say its tough but at the moment its just stress. I'll probably get used to it after awhile. At first we thought that there would be no problem clocking up, but as soon as the contract was signed, my friend encounters some problem. I just hope she will be ok and I will still be able to work with her. 

Haiz... I don't why can't my life be smooth sailing. Since my final year project incident, I have been encountering unfavorable situations and the only good thing is probably I've joined Echochi. I wouldn't say my pay is good but I wouldn't say that its bad either. I guess being able to earn and still have more free time and still have full time benefits, I guess I should have no complains. 
I just want a smooth sailing peaceful life... and be able to just take or do things of my interest, have a perfect companion and I should be grateful for it. 

Gaahhh its tough. Why does the situation I've encountered are so hard to explain in words? Why does problems have to be so complicated? 

Anyhow, I will just earn and save and of course buy what I want to buy. Whether its a need or want. 
I guess picking out clothes for wearing to work is also quite troublesome, lucky for me I can just pick my mum's clothes for the moment. 

I'm also back at Ikoma trying to recollect and cope with my Japanese since its been two years since I last stopped my class. 

and I'm craving for bubble tea all of a sudden. 

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